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Lease Administration

We see the role of lease administration as proactively identifying cost savings, enabling strategic planning and portfolio optimisation and enhancing organisational effectiveness, as well as supporting corporate compliance requirements

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Having a robust lease administration program is fast becoming a popular choice to not only mitigate portfolio risk, but also financial risk, and at the same time, deliver cost savings and facilitate corporate compliance requirements. We will work with you to develop effective portfolio data management, whatever the size or location of your properties. 

Our dedicated Lease Management teams draw on extensive experience and expertise when offering portfolio management, lease management or lease administration advice giving you access to accurate, up to date portfolio information, critical for developing strategy and managing the risks and costs associated with running a portfolio.

We provide comprehensive lease administration and auditing solutions, including:

  • Benchmarking  
    Consistent benchmarking to support strategic planning and potential savings for clients.
  • Lease Abstraction
    Summarising key information held within lease / ownership documents with capability to abstract from original language to English.
  • Database management
    Ensuring up to date accuracy on regional or global data required for property-leasing strategies.
  • Financial Management
    Approval of rents, service charges and lease related costs. Calculating sub-rent demands, aged debt management, financial reporting and tracking cost savings.
  • Reporting
    Reporting from our OneView Lease Administration tool enables efficient portfolio management.​